Creating Regenerative Packaging for Food Carry, Packaging and Service


How do you leave the planet cleaner? We think food carry bags are a good way to start. All our materials for carry bags are created from agricultural residue sourced locally. They are food-safe and FDA approved. (Our paper has a natural gloss on one side so printing for your brand shines through). With lots of R&D and over 40 years of trial and error, we have built materials strong enough to do the job. Now, our materials are used for McDonald’s take away, food grocery bags, bakery bags, and Myntra e-commerce bags.


Compostable flexible packaging is an engineering trick. These packages have to protect their contents against both moisture and oxygen while being able to biodegrade. Trust us, this is not an easy task. After more than ten years of innovating with researchers across the globe, we are now able to provide a substrate that can effectively do the job for non-aromatic products. And, the best parts? This material can run on the same traditional conversion machines and is heat sealable. Engineering trick maybe. We think of it as magic.


We want the world to eat safe. With a range of food service products made from sugarcane pulp, we can serve food without delivering a dose of carcinogens and bleach with your meal. Our modular design allows you to save money and your customers to appreciate the distinctive image. The serviceware has been intentionally designed to make your customers go “yum” about not just their curry, but also the design chops of our serviceware. Don’t believe us? We won the highest design award from Red Dot Germany, Good Design in Japan, India design and NCII. Now that’s some proof in the pudding.


The world has a lot of agricultural fiber. Instead of dumping or burning these leftovers, we buy sugarcane waste and effectively pulp it. What can you do with this pulp? Specialty papers like greaseproof, glassine, release base, parchment, tissues, and even molded products are made from our wet lap pulp.

Made of 100% Agri-residue,
so it all goes back to Earth

ALL, yes ALL, of our raw material is compostable. 90% of the material comes from locally-sourced agricultural waste. What used to be burned is now turned into valuable packaging that doesn’t damage the earth and people. Yes, we think it’s a little like magic too.

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800 Elephants

Our first year of producing compostable products, we re-routed 4,000 tons of agri-waste into new products. That’s like 800 elephants, in case you were wondering.
(And every year we re-route more!)

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When we started manufacturing compostable products, we targeted employing as many women as possible. We landed at 50%, so we clearly got more work to do!

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< 100km

That’s the radius of where all our raw material comes from. Buying locally saves costs, environment, and local livelihoods.

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35+ Countries

We know the environment needs solutions on a global scale…so we ship to 35 countries plus