Enabling People
to Lift Themselves

We all journey on this planet together. Everyone is a brother and a sister. We make products that help clean the earth all over the world but choose to invest for local impact. We focus on education, skills, and environment. Keep reading to learn more of our work.


Pakka Foundation started as KK Charitable Foundation— in memory of our founder KK Jhunjhunwala. He believed in the potential of people more than anyone we’ve known. A local famous story is how he hired a farmer off his tractor by simply leaving his keys in his car and walking away. He told the farmer, “Bring the car to me and you get a job.” We take a different methodology, but we respect KK’s vision that everyone has genius.

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how we're doing so far

We’ve been trying our best and this is where we are at with your help.

8 Schools

In our third year of establishing pre-schools in nearby villages, we have set up 8 schools. Our goal is 32 by 2025. These students will flow into four hubs for primary and secondary school.

4000+ Trained Youth

Pakka Skills has trained youth from the local area to have viable technical jobs such as electrician, fitter, plumber, carpenter, machine operator, etc.

70 Ponds

We have tackled 70 ponds in the local villages to regenerate the water quality so people can safely bathe and wash their clothes. Water is life and we are trying help.