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    Shared Ownership

    We want everyone to be an owner. Robust team stock option plans pave the way.

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    We think people perform the best in a non-hierarchy, no fear driven environment. Set your own goals and work for them.

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    Talent Development

    We believe in your growth and facilitate training and opportunities to ensure you have the chance to reach your potential.

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    Objective Performance

    You set your goals, you assess your performance. With transparency and measurability, you will always know how you’ve performed.

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    Benefits Beyond You

    But, we also know your job is not just about you. We provide health insurance for your family, subsidized excellent schooling, and extracurricular activities for you and your family to connect with the Pakka family.

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    Being a part of Pakka is for life and beyond. We have multi-generation team members at Pakka and when they retire, they often find new ways to participate.

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    Arun Kumar Yadav


    When there is oiling of nut and bolt, then the machine runs properly. Similarly, if there is constant encouragement, then the person works happily.


    Team Support Head

    Together, we ensure that all people are having a good time while working. Thus, we try and ensure that no issues are faced in day-to-day tasks.

    Deepali Srivastava

    Team Development Head

    Confidence, opportunity for continuous learning and opportunities to improve yourself

    Pooja Khanna

    Head of Recruitment

    I feel empowered to take decisions, everyday. With the kind of enthusiasm people have while working, there's never a dull day at Pakka and I'm grateful to be part of such a team.

    बाबू राम गौतम


    सब एकजुट होकर काम करते हैं। हँसते हँसते काम हो जाता है पता भी नहीं चलता

    Syed Amir Abbas

    Mechanical Engineer

    There is a highly unique culture at Pakka Limited. All the teams work in close association with each other, and there is high level of support from everyone.


    Team Engagement Head

    Our consistent endeavour is that the team members stay connected to each other, even after they've left the organisation. Thus, we have programs for team members who have retired from Pakka. I'm happy to be part of this initiative.



    धरती की तरफ अपनी ज़िम्मेदारी से परिचित कराया पैका ने।  इसलिए प्रभावित हैं यहाँ से

    Sandeep Kumar

    Instrument Technician

    The best part about my job here at Pakka is that I get more ownership of everything I do. Because of this, I want to learn more and keep growing.

    Arvind Shukla


    I just love working here. The atmosphere is very positive and everyday I love the fact that I get an opportunity to work and bring a change in this world.

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    L&D Head

    We at Yash Pakka value, Earth Love, Trust, Courage, Excellence, Innovation and Diversity. Do you also feel connected with us?  VIEW DETAILS

    Facilities Head

    We at Yash Pakka value, Earth Love, Trust, Courage, Excellence, Innovation and Diversity. Do you also feel connected with us?  VIEW DETAILS