Our brand name is changing from “Yash Pakka” to “Pakka”. This change involves the removal of the word “Yash” from our brand name. Additionally, our company name will be updated from “Yash Pakka Limited” to “Pakka Limited”.

Though our company name is changing, it is important to note that there will be no changes to our business or the way we operate.

We still stand strong in our vision to work towards a clean planet. Our purpose remains unchanged, and we remain dedicated as usual to fostering strong relationships with our customers and vendors, while respecting our Mother Earth.

Our goal has been to expand into the global market as that is the way to make impact at scale. With this in mind, we want our brand identity to appeal to a global audience. Yash is more local to India, whereas a shortened Pakka is easier to communicate and recall, it conveys a clear and focused message, and stands out from the competition to help us differentiate our product line. Short brand names also align well with contemporary branding trends, which tend to favor simplicity and minimalism. A one-word brand name can also be versatile and adaptable over several different marketing channels and platforms.

Renaming Pakka will simplify and unite our brand across the globe. ‘Pakka’ embodies the very soul of our work, our purpose, aspirations, and strategic direction. It is a word that speaks for the nature of our work and resonates with our company’s values and mission. This one word will serve as a beacon for our current and future customers and partners.

Currently we have no plan to change in the coming future.

Today, we are a 42-years-old company. We started our company Yash Papers Limited, in 1981, a leading manufacturer of low grammage kraft paper. In 2003, lots of players gradually crowded the low grammage kraft segment. Therefore, the company evolved into a specialty-grade paper manufacturing company for food products like bag and box packaging for masala products and sugar sachets at Cafe Coffee Day or McDonalds.

During 2009-13, we found India (and the world) needed products that would biodegrade and become regenerative, adding value to the soil. We tackled all the challenges by teaming up with international research firms to solve the packaging issues. In 2014, the concept of CHUK was born. The compostable tableware to reduce what goes into the landfill. The company launched its first product brand, CHUK, in 2017.

As the company was transforming from just being a paper manufacturer to a sustainable packaging company, it needed a new identity that aligned with the transforming nature of business and the purpose of a clean planet. Therefore Yash Papers was rebranded as Yash Pakka in 2019.

Committed to creating and promoting sustainable packaging solutions for a greener future for the planet, Yash Pakka Limited aimed to be the one-stop-solution for compostable packaging. In sync with its mission, the brand produces regenerative packaging for food carry, service and packaging.

Four years ago, we made certain announcements that led to the rebranding of Yash Papers Limited to Yash Pakka Limited. Since then, we have made significant progress and come a long way. We earlier had only 25-30% food packaging products like sugar sachets, bags and pouches etc when we started Yash Papers in 1981. We now have a wide product portfolio of regenerative packaging for food carry, service and packaging.

Chuk has become the category leader in compostable foodservice packaging. It has presence over major cities of India and 200+ QSR chains like Haldirams, Chaipoint, Nazeer foods, Khan Chacha, Bikanerwala etc are leading the industry with change.

Flexible packaging was only a concept back then, but now it’s under trial for chocolate packaging. We are promoting flexible packaging and exploring off-take agreements for future production with key users for both India and Guatemala.

Going global is not just an idea now, we have firm plans in place. We’ve made major investments in the Guatemala factory and will be soon starting operations. Therefore, we need a unified identity and renamed our company as Pakka.
Yes, only the company name will be updated with our new legal name “Pakka Limited”. The scope and terms of agreement will remain the same. We will be creating fresh invoices with the new name. We can reshare the GST, PAN, TAN, TIN, and IEC with you with an updated company name.

Please note: GST, PAN, TAN, TIN, and IEC numbers will remain the same only the name will be updated. We can share the new Certificate of Incorporation in case required.

It is important to note that there will be no changes to our business, customers, target market or the way we operate. Therefore, there will be no impact. It is the responsibility of every team member to help communicate and update the new brand change and identity with customers, partners and each other.

No, there will be no changes to our business or the way we operate. We are committed to providing the same high-quality products and services that our customers have come to expect from us.

Only our brand name is changed, which will be visible on our packaging and service contracts but rest assured, there will be no changes in the pricing, product or payment structure.
  • By modifying the brand image, messaging, and positioning, over the years, we have aligned ourselves with the needs and preferences of our consumers and our growing company.
  • These changes have become a way to course-correct and realign our brand with our company’s vision. This in future will result in a stronger and more authentic brand identity.
  • These changes have breathed new life into our brand, injecting energy and excitement.

Yes, our Legal team is working on it. We will soon be completing our formalities of copyright of the new name and identity and lead with it.   

This is a part of a two step rebranding process. We rebranded Yash Papers to Yash Pakka in 2019. At that  time we changed our overall identity to align with the  goals we has at that time. Now we are renaming Yash Pakka to Pakka in order to have a global presence, so there are very minor costs involved.

The primary customer service contact number of Pakka will remain the same whereas the email id will be updated to connect@pakka.com


Your point of contact will remain the same. We are updating the email ids of the team which will be communicated to you by your respective POCs.